Episode 21: Disney Bars and Lounges

Welcome to the 21st episode of the DFB Podcast!

Welp, since the podcast is “21” now, it’s time to indulge in a little celebration, isn’t it? Yep — we’re headed to our favorite bars and lounges in Disney World and Disneyland today!

In this episode we cover the latest Disney Food News. Then, AJ and Brad share their favorite watering holes in Walt Disney World and Disneyland; answer some listener questions, and finally, unveil a new trivia question and reveal the answer to the Episode 20 trivia question!

Listen in to find out the answers to these great questions!

Q: (from Listener Christina) I’m going to MK on a day with hours 9-7. Can I still get an ADR for 7 in the park? Not sure what closing time is for Park vs. Restaurants vs. Rides vs. Shops. My 180 day window is fast approaching, so any insight you have is appreciated.

Q: (from Listener Melissa) 1. Do you know if AKL still does the free restaurant tour? 2. Are the Gourmet Cake Cups from Cheshire Cafe a snack credit on the DDP?

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This podcast’s trivia question: What drink that used to be found at Disney World’s Adventurers Club is now found at Disneyland’s Trader Sam’s?

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